April's pocket rocket is bigger than this little penis


April's pocket rocket is bigger than this little penis

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Description: I told my friend I had a John Holmes cock look alike for her. You should see her reaction when she sees our little Jack. Her first reaction is I hope its an extend-o-dick. She quickly finds out it' s not. She says its so small her ass couldn't feel it. She goes on that when looking at it, it reminds her of dental floss...how blowing him would be like flossing her teeth. The only way she could feel something so small is if she put a large vibrator inside her along with his little penis. As she jerks Jacks pathetic small penis she says that this must be payback for all the large cocks she has had in her life. She touches herself to see how dry she is while jerking jack and how a small penis is such a turn off. She laughs at him and says how the guys she usually hooks up with actually have dicks. How she thinks her pocket rocket is bigger than his little penis. She likes her cocks to be like a maglight and Jack is a penlight. She keeps jerkin and making fun of Jack and then to her surprise he comes. She exclaims oh my god its a guy! Not a clit!

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